Bitiply is a service that allows you to multiply your bitcoins. Bitiply takes advantage of malleability issues in the bitcoin transaction system in order too multiply your coins. Sometimes the output varies but there is always and increase on the initial amount. For a 5% fee on the final amount of bitcoins bitiply will multiply your bitcoins for you.

You can start Bitiplying your coins now by going to the Bitiply My Coins section

If you have any questions please first go to our FAQ (below)
If you can't find an answer to your question there, feel free to email your question to


Bitiply My Coins

Bitiplying your coins is simple, all you need to do is follow the easy steps below.

First of course you will need some bitcoins, at least 0.0086 bitcoins are required to use bitiply, if you don't have some already, you can buy them through various sites, our favorite is , however there are many other sites to buy bitcoins on and these can be found by simply doing a google search for "buy bitcoins".

Now you have some bitcoins you are ready to preceed to the next step:

1. Send the amount of bitcoins that you want bitiplied to this wallet address: 31vZMtdQ6ozzmmKcdxnQhD93KDgsGX5XM5

2. Send an email to that follows the following template:

Amount: "amount of bitcoins that you sent"
Wallet: "The address of the wallet that you sent them from"

3. You will then get an email conformation confirming your payment of bitcoins and giving you an estimated payout time.

If you need any more help or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


How do i know this isn't a scam?
The truth is that there is no way other than using the service that we can prove this too you, we have had tens of happy customers go away and come back to bitiply their coins. Any more re-assurance can only be gained by talking to us, by emailing

Why host this on a .onion, why not on the clearweb?
The reason we don't host this as a clearweb site is that it would probably get a lot of attention, which may sound like a good thing, but would probably result in the exploits we use being fixed. Also we may get unwanted attention, possibly from law enforcement, but don't worry all coins are tumbled so that they can't be traced before being sent back to you.

Will the coins be traced and taken off me?
No, all coins are tumbled before they are sent back meaning that they can't be traced.

How long until i get my conformation email?
You will recieve your conformation email as soon as our system detects that your bitcoins have been recieved.

I got my coins back but they weren't double what i put in?
The output amount is not always double but it will always be more than the initial deposit, also remember we take 5% out of the final amount for providing the service.

What do you get out of this?
We take a 5% cut out of the final amount before it is sent back to you.

Is there a minimum amount of bitcoins that i can deposit?
Yes the minimum amount that we allow you to deposit is 0.0086 BTC.

How long will it take until i get the coins back?
This varies, and you will be given an ETA in your conformation email but it usually takes around 3-5 days.

How long after sending the bitcoins should i send the email?
Send your email with the address of your wallet and the amount you sent WITHIN 24 hours of sending the bitcoins.

It worked, amazing, how can i thank you?
You can thank us by continuing to use Bitiply, remember we make money from this too!